[FPSPACE] Shenzhou 7 put micro-FSAT intelligence satellites into orbit

Geoff Richards richards.gr at gmail.com
Thu Feb 24 04:20:03 EST 2011

One microsat, named Banxing, is known to have been launched with Shenzhou 7.
 It apparently carried out a station-keeping and inspection mission using
SZ-7 as target.  Multiple microsats are news to me, and don't appear to have
been tracked by NORAD, though Banxing was.


On 24 February 2011 03:26, John Charles <jbcharle at gmail.com> wrote:

> From Paris Intelligence Online in English 03 Feb 11, the article
> “Chinese Army Appoints Woman as Head of Key Geospatial Intelligence
> Program” describes Sun Jinyun, one of the rare women to reach the rank
> of general in the People's Liberation Army (PLA), who now heads the
> key sector of geospatial intelligence at the PLA's 2nd Department, the
> Qingbaobu.  Of interest is the note that, “ In 2008, the Shenzhou 7
> spacecraft put several micro-FSAT intelligence satellites into orbit,
> which are now used by the PLA.”
> Is this already common knowledge?
> John Charles
> Houston, Texas
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