[FPSPACE] Preservation/location of early Vostok landing modules

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Which Auction House JimO?


Is this Sotheby's?





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A New York auction house has asked me for free advice, so all

I can reward with is a relayed 'thank you'. Can anyone help?


--Jim O


We wanted to know how many of the Vostok prototypes dropped from high
altitude or returned from orbit still exist, and whether you have a census
of them. Any light you can shed on this would be greatly appreciated!


1959 - 5 Vostok-type balls dropped from high altitude. Did any survive and
were they preserved? 

15 May 1960 - Vostok 1KP. No heat shield, so burned up upon re-entry. 




28 July 1960 - Exploded. 

19 August 1960.-  Returned with Belka and Strelka. Was the capsule

1 Dec. 1960 - Burned up during re-entry. 

22 Dec 1960. Returned. Capsule preserved?




No. 1 - 9 March 1961. Returned. Capsule preserved? 

No. 2 - 23 March 1961. Returned with Ivan Ivanovich and dog (now property of
Kaller Galleries). 

No. 3 - 12 April 1961. Returned with Gagarin. Capsule preserved at Energiya
in Korolyov.  

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