[FPSPACE] Yuri Gagarin Anniversary....will they release more on this topic?

Peter Pesavento pjp961 at svol.net
Wed Feb 9 12:45:28 EST 2011

Hello Everyone..


In 2009, I had a two-part article published on what the US intelligence
community knew (via some declassified materials) about the Vostok program.


Here are the bibliographic citations to the two-part serial.


Sleuthing the Vostok:  The Inside Story of the US Intelligence Community's
Effort to Understand Korolev's First Manned Program.  Part 1.  Space
Chronicle 62 (JBIS Supplement 1):2-20, 2009.


Part 2.  Space Chronicle 62 (JBIS Supplement 2): 34-47, 2009.



One of the subject themes covered in my article (a side bar) is the claim
(that was briefly broached on Russian TV) that the CIA attempted to sabotage
in some manner the launching of Gagarin's mission-perhaps with the aim to
have it occur after Shephard's Mercury hop in early May.


I am looking forward to seeing whether this topic is going to be covered in
the 50th Anniversary celebrations coverage of the historical event.

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