[FPSPACE] Disappearing satellites

PHILLIP CLARK phillipclark at btinternet.com
Wed Feb 2 08:12:41 EST 2011

Space-Track ceased issuing orbital data for the four Ofeq satellites currently in orbit on January 31st.   The satellites affected are:
27434  2002-025A  Ofeq 5
31601  2007-025A  Ofeq 7
32476  2008-002A  Ofeq 8 (TecSAR/Polaris)
36608  2010-031A  Ofeq 9
(TecSAR was renamed “Ofeq 8” just before the Ofeq 9 launch, possibly to overcome the “curse of even-numbered Ofeq satellites”, failing to reach orbit.)
Orbital data for the two EROS satellites are still being issued, presumably because these are commercial payloads: also the data for the Shavit-2 third stage from the Ofeq 9 launch are still appearing.
Phillip Clark
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