[FPSPACE] another Russian launch failure?

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It was the eight mission of RD-0124.



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Re: [FPSPACE] another Russian launch failure?Indications are now that the third stage engine shut down at T+421 seconds.  In other words, it was not a core stage/3rd stage separation problem as initially reported. The Soyuz-2 1B rocket used today uses the RD-0124 engine in its third stage. This is the first failure of that  engine, which today saw its sixth mission. Other versions of the Soyuz rocket (Soyuz-U, Soyuz-FG, Soyuz-2 1A)  use the older RD-0110 engine, so the impact on upcoming launches may not be that big.  Progress uses the Soyuz-U and Soyuz uses the Soyuz-FG. The Globalstar launch set for 28 December uses the Soyuz-2 1A, but officials may still want to delay that launch to be on the safe side. Bart Hendrickx   From: fpspace-bounces at www.friends-partners.org [mailto:fpspace-bounces at www.friends-partners.org] On Behalf Of James E Oberg
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Subject: Re: [FPSPACE] another Russian launch failure? TASS at 1401 gmt quoted a source [but not any official statements], “Judging by preliminary information, the launch vehicle had a failure before the orbiting unit could separate from its third stage.” As Bart suggested, this raises the VERY disturbing possibility that the last two Soyuz crew launches just got lucky. No virus found in this message.
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