[FPSPACE] Kremlin answer to space disasters -- squelch reporting on them

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Thu Dec 29 08:33:07 EST 2011

Has the Kremlin gone totally unhinged? Or reverted to Soviet days?

First response to string of space calamities just announced:
keep bloggers from taking pictures of decaying space facilities!

In other words -- the knee-jerk response to failures caused by 
decaying space infrastructure is to punish people who are revealing 
the degree of the decay.

Major face-palm time.

 -- Jim O

Unauthorized People Must Have No Access to Roscosmos Sites - Rogozin

   MOSCOW. Dec 29 0716 GMT (Interfax) - Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who supervises the activity of the Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) at the government, has called impermissible the entry of unauthorized persons into Agency sites and demanded urgent measures to prevent similar situations in the future. 

   Rogozin told Agency head Vladimir Popovkin that security of the Agency sites must be discussed "due to the recent entry of unauthorized persons. That is an impermissible situation." 

   "I think we must take urgent measures and ensure order," he said. 

   Rogozin also asked Popovkin about causes of the latest spacecraft wrecks. "By the order of the prime minister, we will be doing a big joint work: We must plan our imminent steps today," he said. He promised political and organizational support of the Military Industrial Commission and himself to the Agency. 

   A source in the law enforcement agencies told Interfax on Wednesday that the special services had launched a probe into the media publications stating that bloggers had entered the territory of NPO Energomash (Khimki, Moscow region), a producer of liquid rocket engines. 

   "A probe has been launched into this publication, on the basis of which a procedural decision will be made whether or not a criminal case should be opened," the source said. 

   Energomash produces liquid rocket engines for civil rockets (from the first Soviet models, R-1, to the rocket carrier Angara) and military rockets (installed in rockets such as R-36M (SS-18 Satan) and its modifications. Energomash has the status of a highly secure facility.


Rogozin promises stringent measures over FSA security lapses

   MOSCOW, December 29 14:18  (Itar-Tass) - Russian Vice-Premier Dmitry Rogozin has promised stringent measures in view of security breaches at Roscosmos (Federal Space Agency) facilities. The FSA should submit its proposals on that score before the end of January next year.

   "Stringent-enough measures will be taken. Therefore I want to say once again that there shall be no laxity any longer on the part of either 'drowsy cats' that will be exemplarily punished soon if they fail to take measures (to ensure the security of facilities) or 'insolent mice' - alien persons that penetrated with photo cameras (into a facility)," the Vice-Premier told journalists after meeting Roscosmos Director Vladimir Popovkin.

   "Thereby, we shall be through with this matter, and elementary and strict enough order will be introduced," Rogozin said, pointing out that he heard explanations given by the Roscosmos leadership on the problem of breaches of security measures at facilities that are under their jurisdiction. "We give certain time to correct all the flaws that have been revealed, including publicly, too. I give time till the end of January, after which selective inspections will be made on my instruction in the security system of facilities that are under Roscosmos' authority and in those branches that are within its jurisdiction," Rogozin said.

   The Vice-Premier also pointed out that the work would be done to standardize approaches to ensuring strategic facilities' security. "I want to say that I do not advise anyone any longer to penetrate into strategic facilities," Rogozin emphasized.


Newly appointed deputy PM demands better order, security in Russian space sector

Moscow Rossiya 24 in Russian 0803 GMT 29 Dec 11 [ state-owned Russian news channe] 

   [Presenter] [Deputy Prime Minister] Dmitriy Rogozin has given Roskosmos [Russian Federal Space Agency] a month to put things in order in terms of security at its secret facilities. The deputy prime minister announced this at a meeting with the head of the [space] agency. 

   The Russian space industry has suffered a whole series of failures this year, including the fall of a rocket carrying the Meridian satellite and the loss of the Phobos-Grunt station. After these incidents there appeared video footage on the Internet in which bloggers, armed with cameras, freely entered the grounds of the Energomash research and production association, which produces rocket engines. 

   Dmitriy Rogozin demanded that security measures be improved immediately. 

   [Rogozin] On my instruction, spot inspections will be carried out to check security systems at facilities being overseen by Roskosmos as well as in the other sectors that I am in charge of. Among other things, we shall standardize approaches to ensuring security of facilities. There should be no guerrilla activities there. These are strategic facilities and I would like to say that I would strongly discourage anyone from entering these strategic facilities. 

   [Presenter] For his part, Roskosmos head Vladimir Popovkin promised to the deputy prime minister to put things in order as well as deal with the issue of recruitment and present a programme for the sector's further development. 

   [Popovkin] We'll be drawing up a strategy for developing the space industry to 2030 and looking forward. The creation of new space designs is a very research-intensive and time-consuming process and one should realize the ultimate goal that we should be moving towards. Given all the failures and accidents that took place in the space industry this year, we have agreed that Roskosmos will present by 25 Jan a specific action plan for improving things in the sector. 

   [RIA Novosti news agency, Moscow, in Russian 0805 gmt 29 Dec 11, quoted Rogozin as saying that a space industry veteran, former head of the Russian Aviation and Space Agency Yuriy Koptev, has been entrusted with investigating the recent failures and accidents. Another 0805 gmt report on RIA Novosti quoted Popovkin as saying that there would not be any purges in the space industry following the recent failures but there would be a drive to improve recruitment.

   An earlier RIA Novosti report, at 0800 gmt, said that Roskosmos had been given 50 days to submit its space industry development strategy to 2030 to the Russian government.] 


Rogozin Orders Provision of Roscosmos Sites' Security Within Month

Moscow Interfax in English 0807 GMT 29 Dec 11

   MOSCOW. Dec 29 (Interfax) - Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has promised harsh measures regarding the breach of security at Federal Space Agency sites. The Agency must make security proposals before the end of January. 

   "We will take rather harsh measures. There will be no more arbitrary actions of 'the sleeping cats', whose punishment will set an example for others if they do not take measures [ensure security of the restricted sites] soon and 'the cheeky mice', who have sneaked inside with their photo cameras," he said after a meeting with Federal Space Agency head Vladimir Popovkin. 

   "We will close this question and ensure elementary and rather strict order," he said. 

   Rogozin said that Popovkin had explained violations of the security at Agency sites. "We give them a certain period for correcting the mistakes, including those exposed in public. I give them time until the end of January before I will order selective verifications of the security of sites of Roscosmos and other related branches," Rogozin said.


Minister orders Russian space agency security blitz after blogger invasion

MOSCOW, December 29 12:55 (RIA Novosti)

   Russia's space agency Roscosmos has been given until January to rectify security at its plants or face the consequences, after a reported penetration of its rocket plant in northern Moscow.

   A group of Russian bloggers claimed in a report posted on the Internet that they managed to get inside the Energomash plant in Moscow's Khimki district, which manufactures liquid-propellant engines for civilian and military rockets. They were able to wander about and take pictures for five days, and did not see any security officers.

   Deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin said harsh measures would be taken to enforce security and punish the "sleepy cats" responsible for the plant's security. "There will be no freewheeling," he told Roscosmos chief Vladimir Popovkin, and also gave a warning to the bloggers, who he called "cheeky mice."--  "I don't advise anybody to penetrate strategic installations anymore," he said.

   The Energomash plant can be accessed through holes in the fence, which it has no money to repair, Energia rocket and space corporation's Senior VP Vladimir Osmolovsky told Izvestia .   
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