[FPSPACE] another Russian launch failure?

Bart Hendrickx bhen at telenet.be
Fri Dec 23 08:10:31 EST 2011

According to a post on the Novosti kosmonavtiki forum today's launch of a
Meridian communications satellite with a Soyuz-2 1B rocket from Plesetsk has
ended in failure. The third stage reportedly failed to separate from the
core stage. 



If confirmed, this failure could impact the upcoming launch of six
Globalstar launches from Baikonur on 28 December. It would probably also
have caused a delay of the Soyuz TMA-03M launch had it occurred prior to
that. Although the three launches involve three different types of Soyuz
rockets (Soyuz-FG for Soyuz, Soyuz -2 1B for Meridian and Soyuz-2 1A for
Globalstar), the core stage/3rd stage separation is probably identical.


Bart Hendrickx 

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