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AFIK this story from Jane's Defence Weekly has not been widely published  
elsewhere. Thought it might be of interest.
Peter B
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Russia stands up air and missile defence command, by Peter Kazimiroff,  JDW 
Correspondent, Moscow
Russia officially launched its Aerospace  Defense Forces (VKO) on 1 
December, according to Colonel Alexei Zolotukhin,  spokesman for the new command. 
The VKO brings together Russia's air defence and  missile defence systems, as 
well as the country's missile early warning and  space control and 
monitoring systems, under a unified and integrated  command-and-control structure. 
The space launch centre in Plesetsk is also  included in the new command 
structure. The command's headquarters are located  near the village of Zarya in 
the Moscow region. Lieutenant General Oleg  Ostapenko, the commander of the 
VKO from November 2011 (and former commander of  the Russian Space Forces), 
said the structure would enable Russia to  substantially increase the 
effectiveness of information assets and weapon  systems that might be used against 
any activity of a potential enemy "in the air  and in outer space". He 
said: "The VKO system is capable of destroying enemy  ballistic missiles 
attacking important state objects, observing space objects,  detecting threats 
coming from space and responding to such threats, as well as  launching space- 
craft and fulfilling other tasks."
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