[FPSPACE] Exhibition: The Cosmos of the Russian Avant-Garde - Art and Space Exploration 1900-1930

Carlos Herranz herranzc at teleline.es
Wed Oct 6 20:08:36 EDT 2010

Last summer an unique exhibition has been displayed for several months in
Santander, Spain:

The Cosmos of the Russian Avant-Garde: Art and Space Exploration 1900-1930

>From the press release:

"The exhibition examines the relationship between Russian art and science, in
particular, before and after the Revolution of October, 1917. More specifically,
the exhibition focuses on the intricate and fertile links between artistic
visions of the cosmos and the practical investigations of space travel." ...
"[it] presents, not only masterpieces of Russian Modernist painting, but also
scientific plans and models such as Tsiolokovsky’s diagrams for multi-stage
rockets, components of Tatlin’s airplane, Letatlin and Ari Shternfeld’s and
Fridrikh Tsander’s visionary machines as well as material paraphernalia from the
sputnik era."

I recommend a visit to this web link, still active though the exhibition is no
longer on display:
(or http://tinyurl.com/2wbasvo)

There you can find:

- general information (in Spanish)
- a slideshow
- an introductory video (in English subtitled in Spanish)
- a complete virtual visit (by clicking the slideshow)
- some press resources, including pictures, a press release and the curator's 10
page-section included in the catalogue (both in Spanish and English). The direct
link to this press 8 Mb-ZIP file is:

I myself wasn't able to visit it, but I have got the printed catalogue, which is
gorgeous. It reproduces all the art and also quality photographs of the rest of
the items in display. There are also several long text contributions (both in
Spanish and English) on art, space technology and culture, short biographies,
references, etc. It costs 30 euro plus shipping (which won't be cheap because of
size and weight). The book may be ordered through www.zonalibros.com (search for
ISBN 978-84-96655-69-0) or directly through the Fundacion Botin (write to
fmabotin at fundacionbotin.org).

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