[FPSPACE] Putin and the ousted Russians from the US (off topic, but connected with previous postings on the subject)

Peter Pesavento pjp961 at svol.net
Sat Jul 24 16:29:38 EDT 2010

If one hasn't believed my previous statements that Putin is severely
nostalgic for the Soviet Union era..


Read on.  


>From Yahoo News of all reportage sources.


Putin is reported by Yahoo news to have sung "Soviet songs" with the
returned Russian spy illegals.  And I thought "I serve the Soviet Union!"
phrasings and allegiance swearings ended in 1990/1991.


And additionally, according to the Yahoo article below, Putin told them that
he admired what they did.  I ask, what did they do?  For all intents and
purposes, they did their jobs badly, if at all.  (The better ones at least
provide information over a long period of time, and the best ones never get


I just shake my head.


The Russian Federation (and its long-suffering people) deserves a better
leader (by several magnitudes, in my opinion).  They need one that looks
forward into the 21st century, not looking backward to a time that is now
long gone.  






Putin pledges bright future to former spies in U.S.

By Gleb Bryanski Gleb Bryanski 28 mins ago 

FOROS, Ukraine (Reuters) - Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said on
Saturday he had met with Russian spies swapped in an exchange with the
United States earlier this month, and promised them a bright future in

"I have no doubts they will have interesting, bright lives," Putin, a former
KGB agent, told reporters during a working visit to Ukraine.

Ten people pleaded guilty this month to being agents for Russia while living
undercover in the United States in one of the biggest spy scandals since the
Cold War.

They were deported to Russia, which in turn agreed to release four people
imprisoned for suspected contact with Western intelligence agencies.

Among the group Putin met was Anna Chapman, a 28-year-old who ran a $2
million real estate business, who was stripped of her British citizenship
following her deportation from the United States. She married a Briton in
2002 but later divorced.

Putin, who served as a KGB agent in West Germany during the Soviet era, did
not say where he met the spies but said they sang together Soviet songs and
he told them he admired what they did.

"As far as those people are concerned -- everyone of them had a tough life,"
said Putin.

"First (problem) was to master foreign language as your own. Think and speak
it and do what are you told to do for the interest of your motherland for
many years without counting on diplomatic immunity," he added.

Putin said those who betrayed their compatriots would end up paying a heavy
price but side stepped questions when asked if Russia planned revenge.

"This (spy scandal) came as a result of betrayal. They (the betrayers) end
up taking to drink or drugs," he said.

But when asked if Russia was planning to take revenge, he said: "It is
incorrect to ask about it. The special services live under their own laws
and everyone knows what these laws are."


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