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Sat Jul 17 14:36:09 EDT 2010

INFORMATION FOR NEWS MEDIA: On July 19, Memorial Space Museum of Moscow will Host a Festive Event Devoted to the 35-th Anniversary of the Soyuz-Apollo Space Mission
:: 17.07.2010

On July 19, at 5 p.m., Memorial Space Museum (Moscow, VDNKH metro station) will host a festive event devoted to the 35th anniversary of the first international space mission by Russian Soyuz and US Apollo.

Members of both crews – Alexey Leonov, Valery Kubasov, Thomas Stafford, Vance Вrand, as well as representatives of Roscosmos, NASA, rocket and space industry, Administration of Moscow, cosmonauts will attend the event.
News media shall get credits from PAO of Memorial Space Museum (MSM), tel. (495) 602-3627.

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