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You can see some high quality images of the ASTP here - click on Post-Apollo and scroll down:



Was the Apollo craft really called Apollo 18 as I have seen in some sources?  I know the Soyuz

craft was officially labeled Soyuz 19.


Another lesser-known fact:  The Apollo crew conducted some of the first ultraviolet astronomy from space.




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One of the unsung near-misses of mannerd spaceflight occurred at the very end of the mission -- the three astronauts were very nearly killed by a sequence of crew errors during final aero descent. As far as I can tell, NASA (and the flight crew) has been very reluctant to provide full details of this. 
It was no secret that the descending Apollo had ingested vapors from thruster fuel once it was on parachute and equalizing cabin pressure.  I think Brand actually passed out from the toxic fumes and was saved by (I think) Staford getting a mask on him.  They were definitely feeling kind of punk when they exited the spacecraft.
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