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I  was only 15 during ASTP   it was the first space mission I would watch in colour   we still had a black and white TV  in 1975  but my Friend Eric's parents had recently got a Phillips Coulor TV   and it was arranged for me to watch the BBC coverage at his house  but when I got the Radio Times which I still have  , I discovered that the Soyuz launch  would occur during the afternoon   and  my Friend was at work he worked for the famous Scottish telescope manufacturer  Charles Frank  , so I asked  a Friend of my mum  Mrs Leena Govan if I could watch the Soyuz launch  on her TV   which was a hybrid  GEC  ( still had valves )  this was the first time that a Soyuz launch was shown live in the west.
The BBC coverage was hosted by James Burke who had done  the Apollo coverage for the BBC  , they had a proper space studio   which was a similar set up to what they had for the moon landings   there was a large globe of the earth as seen in space and  a model of the  Apollo and Soyuz docked     built by Matt Irvine   this  model is currently on display hear in Dundee   in the space exhibition which is on at the sensation science centre.also in the studio they had a full scale mock up of the two space craft.
I remember  during the  time the crew where having there joint meal   to celebrate   we had a bottle of Red Cola and American Cream Soda  !   it was amazing to see the colour pictures from space   and the fact that the Soviets and Americans could work together in spacethe BBC also showed a documentary  with James Burke about the ATS 6 experimental TV satellite   which Werner Von braun  was working on  it was deployed over India
These programs brought back to me the excitement of the moonshots  , we had virtually no coverage of Skylab in the UK   and  the Shuttle was still years off 
we did not get a colour TV until 1979  when the first space event I remember seeing in colour was the voyager 2 encounter with Jupiter
I will always remember Apollo Soyuz  
Robert Law 

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