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This week: 
B-29 Frozen in Time
Airing Tuesday 
July 20 at 8 pm on PBS
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Inside NOVAA Color-Coded Guide to the Brain <http://support.wgbh.org/site/R?i=Sptoh8x7U7vdLwfvDB0c8w..>  <http://support.wgbh.org/site/R?i=sggW9_CjrhxgqHbZMibOjA..> 							 NOVA B29 Frozen in Time  <http://support.wgbh.org/site/../images/content/pagebuilder/27582.jpg> 						 

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 NOVA accompanies famed test pilot Darryl Greenamyer and his intrepid crew on a perilous mission to repair and re-fly a B-29 bomber stranded on the Greenland icecap since 1947. In the face of incredible hardships, the team struggles to bring the old warbird back to life. 
Watch the Program  <http://support.wgbh.org/site/R?i=v2fkmyV4xkr0D0m2K1H99g..> Watch the entire program online beginning April 21. 
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"B-29 Frozen in Time" is now available on DVD from ShopPBS.org. <http://support.wgbh.org/site/R?i=qF0CGMyPZi7EID-oYa9XFQ..>  NOVA email subscribers get an exclusive offer of 20% off your entire order. Enter promotion code NOVAPBS at checkout to receive your discount. Cannot be combined with other offers. Offer valid through 12/31/10. 


Inside NOVA: For Tibetans, a Genetic Leg Up 
Even before Tenzing Norgay summited Mt. Everest in 1953, it was widely known that his people, the Sherpas, had something that the rest of us did not. Peter Tyson looks at three independent studies that have identified strong positive selection among Tibetans in genes that are involved in dealing with hypoxia on Inside NOVA. <http://support.wgbh.org/site/R?i=cnEJuMTBGinZplU5zT39oA..> 

Inside NOVA: A Color-Coded Guide to the Brain 
A new brain mapping technique uses viruses to illuminate neurons in beautiful colors, and can give us detailed visuals of how information travels through the brain. Find out more about these new techniques on Inside NOVA. <http://support.wgbh.org/site/R?i=5GMpTfR6aOJ0CrhaWhFiQA..> 

Paula Apsell at the Aspen Ideas Festival 
Check out images of Paula Apsell and others at the Aspen Ideas Festival <http://support.wgbh.org/site/R?i=pIE3_j9wk85-ErExMAaMJA..>  on the NOVA Facebook Page <http://support.wgbh.org/site/R?i=bVroTzahSzhzqCY0f7UoKg..> . Entering its sixth year, the Festival is a conversation-packed exploration of some of the most important ideas and pressing issues we face. You can watch video highlights of the festival on their website including Paula moderating a panel discussion "Women at the Cutting Edge of Science." 

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