[FPSPACE] Apollo Soyuz Test Project anniversary

LARRY KLAES ljk4 at msn.com
Thu Jul 15 14:39:12 EDT 2010

Thirty five years ago today (oy!) The two Cold War superpowers put on a very high level of courtesy towards each other by sending off their two contemporary classes of manned spacecraft to dock and exchange crews in LEO. 

I invite the members of this list to share their memories and any involvement with ASTP. I would also like to know for example how much good the mission really did for detente?  

I can recall among many memories of getting up at five am to watch the first live coverage of Soyuz returning to Earth. The US media announcer reassured his audience upon showing the Soyuz touch down in a big cloud of debris that the ship did not explode or crash but had fired its retrorockets to cushion the landing impact. Americans were used to water landings for their manned spaceships after all. 

I also recall reading about a 
Russian couple who gave birth to twins during ASTP and subsequently named them Apollo and Soyuz. 



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