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Might be of interest to know that I tracked N766VA  [ VISION Air  !! ] into 
RAF Brize Norton this afternoon using Planeplotter
where it landed to offload the Briton[s]  and no doubt refuel.

Stayed on the ground about an hour and should be approaching the eastern 
seaboard around 1900 GMT.


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> JimO,
> This news item just hit the news wires.DCI Panetta and his counterpart at
> SVR, Mikhail Fradkov, negotiated the swap.
> http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100709/ap_on_go_ca_st_pe/us_us_spy_swap
> So don't be quick to blame Obama for the structure of what, and how, it
> happened.
> From the Associated Press
> Official: CIA's Panetta led spy swap negotiations
> By KIMBERLY DOZIER, Associated Press Writer Kimberly Dozier, Associated
> Press Writer 39 mins ago
> WASHINGTON - CIA director Leon Panetta and Russia's spy chief worked out 
> the
> largest spy swap since the Cold War in just a few days, a U.S. official
> says.
> Panetta had already developed "a sound relationship" with Mikhail Fradkov,
> head of Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service, that allowed the two former
> adversaries to quickly clinch the deal, which traded 10 Russian sleeper
> agents for four prisoners Russia accused of spying for the U.S.
> The talks that led to Friday's exchange of spies in Vienna began, the
> official said, shortly after the FBI arrested the Russian agents in the 
> U.S.
> because both sides wanted a speedy resolution of the case, which could 
> have
> cast a pall over improving U.S.-Russian relations.
> Other U.S. government figures helped Panetta negotiate the diplomatic 
> angles
> of the talks, the official added, speaking on condition of anonymity to
> discuss sensitive intelligence matters.
> The official added that the CIA and FBI already "basically knew everything
> about the Russian network when we rolled it up." He said that while the
> United States could have followed through with all the charges and locked
> the spies up for years, it was clear the 10 Russian agents were more
> valuable as trade bait.
> Because they had never penetrated the U.S. government, the official said,
> they could not reveal any sensitive information. The official would not
> confirm whether anyone in the ring had ever handled classified 
> information.
> The suspects pleaded guilty to the least serious charges against them - of
> being unregistered foreign agents.
> The official added that the swap should help remove an "irritant" that 
> could
> have been an obstacle to U.S.-Russian relations, but that no one expects 
> the
> Russians to stop spying.
> Former CIA analyst and 50-year-plus agency veteran Charlie Allen said it 
> was
> clear that Moscow and the White House did not want the spectacle of a long
> drawn out trial of 10 "illegals" to derail the resetting of U.S.-Russian
> relations after years of friction.
> The positive yield for U.S. intelligence, he said, is the signal it sends
> that the U.S. will bring in from the "real cold of Russian prisons ...
> individuals we can never abandon." He was referring to "The Spy Who Came 
> in
> from the Cold," the 1963 John Le Carre novel that described Cold War
> espionage.
> Allen said the CIA's relocation program for such spies "is quite good. It
> was once terrible." He did not elaborate.
> "It does not mean that the intelligence activities will be diminished on
> either side, and it does not mean that the Russians will not continue to 
> run
> 'illegals,' " he said. "Illegals are in the Russian services "DNA," he 
> said,
> "and, rest assured, the SVR will continue."
> Allen spoke after a fundraising gala, in honor of the CIA's fallen,
> headlined by Dan Akroyd Thursday night. The spy swap was the talk of the
> event, held by the Intelligence and National Security Alliance.


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