[FPSPACE] JimO's analysis of the ISS

John jbcharle at gmail.com
Tue Jul 6 12:33:35 EDT 2010

Keith, good point. Maybe future international undertakings could  
involve the option of major partners or consortia providing whole  
spacecraft as redundant, dissimilar members of the expeditionary  
fleet. Not only might commonality of structures and compatibility of  
systems not be required, but it might even be discouraged!


On Jul 5, 2010, at 6:25, "Keith Gottschalk" <kgottschalk at uwc.ac.za>  

>       About a fortnight ago, JimO posted here an analysis of lessons  
> learned from the first decade of the International Space Station.
> ...
>    This indicates that an absolute minimum of two spacecraft flying  
> in formation, each with lifeboats, is critical to give the depth of  
> safety that human spaceflights of months will demand. (Not to  
> mention the British Interplanetary Society's proposed Daedelus for  
> interstellar spaceflight :)  Columbus & Magellan both had a 3-ship  
> squad.
>        It also raises major debate about how the architecture &  
> engineering can best design redundancy in spacecrafts intended for  
> months-long flights to Vesta or Mars. What do engineers on FPSPACE  
> think? Should such spacecraft have autonomous modules that go far  
> beyond the provisions of watertight bulkheads & O2 candles of the  
> compartments aboad our atomic-powered submarines?

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