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Logistics and crew transfer needs would be more than enough for a couple of Shuttle flights a year. I think that the arbitrary 2010 cutoff was shortsighted, so I'm really glad that this is being considered seriously.


Incidentally, I'm not a big Shuttle fan - haven't been since the early 1980s - but I'd rather fly it a couple of times a year than depend on everyone else in the world or sit on the ground. Shuttle didn't become horrifyingly unsafe until the policy became to replace it. Up to that time, it was a wonderful flying machine and you could be tarred and feathered at JSC for suggesting that it had shortcomings. Then NASA did this breathtaking 180 and Shuttle became something to be discarded ASAP. Maybe that made political sense, but one would think that we'd have learned in the early 1970s that tossing what you have on the mere promise of something new isn't so smart.

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Subject: [FPSPACE] Extending the Shuttle

I assume this would not be under discussion if all the bridges to extending the STS program had been burned. If Shuttle is extended, I wonder what the manifests will be like. Presumably, there will be more simple logistics and spare parts for ISS, but how many of these components would also need to be manufactured in time to meet their flights? 


Morris Jones, Sydney, Australia

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