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E.P. Grondine epgrondine at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 27 11:52:49 EDT 2009

Hi David - 


Given this piece of fiction, I see the light is beginning to come on for you.


The N-1 would have been put on an immediate basis, given priority 1 in Soviet terms, and you can imagine what that would have meant. Manufacture of Tsar bomba nuclear charges (I can't remember the year of their test) would have as well.


Finally, the arsenals of the US, USSR and Europe would have been launched at the remaining fragments.


But why waste time with the hypothetical, when in real life there is a small fragmented comet headed our way? 




with ca. 5 kt fragment hits at Rio Curaca (1930) and Rupunini (1935). 


Didn't anyone tell you? 


The larger existing fragments are headed our way in  2022. Aside from the fragments, do you not understand what the climate effects of a cometary dust load are?


E.P. Grondine

Man and Impact in the Americas

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