[FPSPACE] Griffin's true reasons for the sizing of the Ares 5

E.P. Grondine epgrondine at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 23 18:13:29 EDT 2009

Hi David - 

"I really want to see humans on the moon and Mars and all over the place."

What ambitious plans. 

Me, I just want to keep a couple of hundred million 
people alive.

The best way to do that happens to be with an international 
effort to build CAPS and the Jupiter/Direct launcher. 

Dordain's comments may indicate Europe's plans.

There is also a pressing need for the launch system
as there is a small fragmenting comet headed our 

What manned Mars enthusiasts may want to do with 
that launch system later on will depend on what they can get 
the public is willing to support.

I myself can't see much beyond a small 50 person 
lab on Mars, as it lacks a molten core, and thus lacks
a magnetic field for radiation shielding.


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