[FPSPACE] Comet impact and ice age extinction

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Hello David - 

While disease introduction from Europe accounts for 2 massive human die offs in the Americas (one at 8,350 BCE, the other ca 1175 CE);

The type site demonstrating these impacts beyond doubt is Sheriden Cave near Sandusky, Ohio where archaeologist Ken Tankersley found  an inch of COMET impact debris, the bones from blast killed giant pigs, and clovis points. A candidate for one of the possible impact craters has been located at Kiscoty, Alberta. 

The reason for the lack of well evidenced comet impacts with the Moon is the same reason as this impact was not researched: Denial, supported by a lack of research funding. Its those circular features again.

In other news, the head of the ESA mentioned using Moon based instruments for impactor detection (CAPS) today:

E.P. Grondine
Man and Impact in the Americas
(the other 13,000 years of American history)

PS - There's a small fragmented comet headed our way.

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