[FPSPACE] Comets and ice-age extinctions

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Hi Dave,
It would appear to me that you are basing your conclusion on what is  
presented in this story (which is definitely poorly written) and not on the  
study itself. The study which was just released (perhaps a preview was released  
weeks or months ago) has not had time yet to be rejected by other credible  
 Heck, the study itself might just contain the evidence this  jury you 
referred to has been waiting for.
Just a though.
David L. Rickman
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Didn't this come out several weeks (months?)  ago? I wonder why they're 
trotting it out again. Maybe a tie-in to the black  spot on Jupiter, though we 
all know that that is a sign that the planet  is being stellified.

The headline contradicts the contents of the  story - never a good sign. 
There's a lot of doubt out there in the community  about this interpretation 
of the data. Heck, that there was a human die-back  at the Younger Dryas is 
up for debate. And, most quaternary scientists I know  are perfectly happy 
with assigning responsibility for the megafauna die-off to  climate change 
(mainly) and overhunting (though that remains more  controversial). No third 
cause needed. If impacts did occur, why comet  impacts? In the story they say 
"comet-like objects." What does that mean?  Asteroids? 

This doesn't mean that this interp  is wrong, necessarily, just that the 
jury is still out. My criticism here  is aimed at the news story, not at 
anyone posting here or their deeply held  beliefs.

David S. F. Portree

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