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NASA has a similar thing going on with acronyms.


There was an amusing episode of the animated version of The Tick

where an astronaut during a space mission made a spill and was told

to use the LAP, the Liquid Absorption Pad.


"You mean the paper towel?" the astronaut responded.


"Uh, yes," came the sheepish reply from Mission Control.



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> Ditto!
> Re: "Tab Echo"--despite what sounds like a top secret designation,
> that may just refer to the fifth ("echo" is the fifth letter in the
> radio alphabet) tab in a checklist book.
> The practice of giving astronauts obscure instructions instead of
> clear directions on the open air-to-ground link always amused me. In
> my youthful days as a principal investigator on biomedical experiments
> in space, we got accustomed to hearing Capcom tell the crew, "Please
> verify step 24" instead of, "Please go back and turn on the power,"
> when we were not getting a signal when the checklist and time line
> said we should (the flight director always seemed to act like it was
> our fault!). Less chance of public embarrassment and newspaper
> headlines about forgetful astronauts that way.
> John Charles
> Houston, Texas
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> > Great article!
> > "Tab Echo" - that could be in a sitcom.
> >
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> >> http://www.airspacemag.com/space-exploration/Secret-Space-Shuttles.html?c=y&
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