[FPSPACE] Public Opinion and the Moon

Morris Jones morrisjones at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 16 21:29:51 EDT 2009

Dear FPSers,

As we consider the events of 40 years ago and current plans for a return to the Moon,
it's worth examining the impact that public opinion could have on the White House.

CNN just finished one of their regular online polls, asking people "Should we go back to the Moon?"

The poll is not scientific, but it attracted more than 238,000 votes. Generally, I would say
that respondents would be more likely to support spaceflight than the population at large,
given the demographics that read online news. Also, we must remember that it was international in scope. Both factors influence outcomes.

The poll revealed 57% said "Yes" and 43% said "No."

This is pretty lukewarm support, and it's consistent with other surveys.

A return to the Moon is arguably no vote winner for the bulk of the population.

This must certainly influence government thinking outside of the Augustine panel. 

I wonder what we will see before the end of the year. At some point, a decision has
to be made.

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