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For some reason, none of the regular space news outlets reported on this to my knowledge. I would suspect that the usual Mars Nut/neocon  hatred of ISS played a large role in the lack of reports.

Obama and Medvedev Add Space Cooperation to Bilateral Commission Plan (Source: Hyperbola) During
President Obama's visit to Russia on July 6 included the creation of a
bilateral Presidential commission that includes a space cooperation
working group. The working group is to be led by the head of Roscosmos,
Anatoly Perminov, and the NASA administrator. The first meeting could
be in September. (7/7)

This is not a trivial agreement. Edward Ellegood once again reported it, showing his usual skll.

I also find it significant that in all of the notes about Dr. Aldrin's statement none of them mentioned his disgust with the Ares 1, nor his emphasis on asteroids.

In other news, the first significant utterance from Bolden in his confimation statement was to play the China card.  

It is true that China intends to develop a world class space industry, and the Congress had better get their act together quickly and figure out what are the best space investments of limited US funds if they want to keep those industries. I don't think Ares 1 is among them.

But  on the manned side of things and the science side China is looking for co-operation with other nations, just taking their rightful place after 5 centuries of chaos - which was caused in large part by impact mega-tsunami.

Finally, the line is that the return to the Moon is simply Apollo on steroids or something we did 40 years ago. The need for the CAPS instruments has been suppressed. 

Great PR work - may those responsible rot in hell.


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