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For anyone in Arizona - Ted Bowell has been hunting asteroids for several decades. I like his characterization of the level of threat. In general, the mainstream asteroid-hunting community is striving to avoid causing confusion and unnecessary alarm. 



Colloquium Colloquium Colloquium Colloquium Colloquium

Thursday, July 9, 4pm in the

Steele Visitor's Center at Lowell Observatory.

Ted Bowell (Lowell) will present a talk entitled:

"The Danger of an Asteroid Striking the Earth"

Coffee and cookies in the HCPS at 3:30pm -- please
RSVP if you are interested in joining a group for lunch.

Hope to see you all there!

Asteroids occasionally collide with the Earth. Fortunately, large 
impacts that would cause global catastrophe for humans occur only 
once every few million years on average. Smaller impacts, some of 
which could cause countrywide devastation, occur ten times more 
frequently. Because of the great consequences of even a locally 
destructive impact, efforts have been underway for more than a decade 
to discover as many so-called near-Earth asteroids (NEAs) as 
possible. Reassuringly, we now know that one's chance of perishing in 
an asteroid impact is about that of dying from a venomous bite or a 
fireworks accident -- something to be mindful of but not to have 
nightmares about. I'll describe how plans are developing to search 
for very many more NEAs, and show you some ideas about how to prevent 
an impact, or at least to reduce the number of casualties.

David S. F. Portree

dsfportree at hotmail.com
dportree at usgs.gov

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