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Hi Larry - 

While since my stroke I am not the person I used to be, 
manned flights to Mars and the Moon were not fantasy for me, expressions of delusions of grandeur on my part, or escapist mechanisms. I simply reported on what was occurring.

In my lifetime I watched two real manned Mar missions come to an end. One ended (Marse Piat) with the collapse of the Energia storage shed; the other ended with the neo-con attacks on Goldin and his plan to convert the shuttle to a HLV for manned Mars flight by 2020. 

You will note that I never criticized Goldin for his lack of a NEO detection program while he was administrator. During that time he was under a very vicious, well funded, and well co-ordinated attack while trying to conduct a very important part of this nation's business. May those who did this rot in hell.

You may also be surprised to learn that I also personally made some effort years ago to secure artificially intelligent robotic vision systems for long range rovers to clear the Mars back contamination problem.

So it is not that I am monomaniacal, but simply that as time progressed, and I learned more and more about how severe the impact hazard was, I could actually break out my time in lives per hour; the stress finally did me in.

I attempted a flanking move, but was blind sided while making it, first by my stroke, then by some real a-holes.

Dr. Firestone and his team have now partially successfully  completed that flanking move. We await the USGS cores from the Carolina's, with the impact tsunami record, for most of the rest of it.

Now for my stroke. While parts of me are gone, parts of me remain. It took me hours to clear my head for this response to you, an hour to compose it, and quite a while to type it using one finger on my left hand, with the aid of spelling checkers.

NASA's NEO programs are nearly entirely inadequate for smaller objects and Long Period Comets, and particularly in detecting Tunguska class comet fragments, the most frequent impactor. This will likely change when Garver comes in, or when the first NEO IR telescope is orbited.

What CAPS requires is its detection instruments. What is the cheapest infrastructure to use to build and tend these is a technical question. All I will say is your estimate of them is wrong.

While I can enjoy your "opinions" on manned Mars flight, you need to understand that having been in contact with real people working on the real problems of manned Mars flight, my perspective on it is different than yours.
Your idea that people will spend money to found "colonies" on Mars before back contamination is cleared is absurd, shared by you with other manned Mars flight enthusiasts, but by no one else, certainly no person in a responsible position.

If you really wish to learn about manned Mars flight technologies, I suggest studying at Mark Wade's site. 

CAPS NEO radars could also be used for SETI, but that would take a change in US law.  

Your private sector "hopes" have no economic basis, as physics places certain limits on the economics, at least with current technologies.

As far as your estimate of China's manned program goes, I'll tell you what others won't: you don't understand their entire space program it all. My guess for this is that since they have little interest in manned Mars flight, it falls outside your framework of comprehension.

I know you don't like these answers, but no amount of drivel or propaganda repeated multiple times on your part will change any of them. To my knowledge, or rather what's left of it, these are the answers.

I appreciate you combining your many "important" news posts into single posts.

E.P. Grondine
Man and Impact in the Americas
(the other 13,000 years of North American history, 
including massive fatal impacts no one knew about or

PS - Ed, Perhaps that 6L shroud sketch simply reflects force of habit, going back to the TMK days. 

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