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It's all moot, given the economic situation. 

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Hi David, Larry - 

Various probes have been run: 

1) Trying to find life, as though that would justify manned flight
2) Trying to clear the back contamination problem on the cheap

In my opinion, clearing back contamination as a hazard is going to require the use of long range rovers. 

In my opinion, the decision makers who will need to be convinced no hazard exists will not be the usual manned Mars enthusiasts, nor even the population of the US, but the world's population. 

In my opinion, there most certainly will be no "colony" nor even a manned research outpost until this problem is

Once again, the utilization of the Moon is not dependent on Mars use, and the Moon has one immediate pressing use: CAPS.

Finally, despite Thiokol's publicity campaign, getting rid of Ares 1 does not mean the end of the manned Moon effort. There's little point in repeating their propaganda.

E.P. Grondine
Man and Impact in the Americas 

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