[FPSPACE] Soyuz 6 and the N-1?

Phillip Clark phillipclark at btinternet.com
Mon Jul 6 03:14:44 EDT 2009

I recall that shortly after the "troika" flights of Soyuz 6-7-8 it was reported that Soyuz 6 with its welding experiment was originally planned for around May 1969 as a "solo" mission, but it was delayed because of work underway on the lunar programme.

It has not been reported, as far as I know, how close Soyuz 6 came to launch earlier in 1969 - is there any information about this "out there"?   I was wondering whether Soyuz 6 being rolled out to the pad in the April-May-June timeline for its solo flight might have been the origin of the rumours of a manned Soyuz being prepared in parallel with the unmanned N-1 launch in July.   Just a thought which is possibly completely wrong!

Phillip Clark
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