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My reading on the reportage of the results of the Phoenix mission is that there's been a great deal of hype. All in all, the mission didn't work too good. Even if it had, its results would be mostly just another piece in the puzzle.


If the goal were only to clear Mars for piloted landings, then the cost would depend on how how much ambiguity we could accept. If we were willing to accept a whole lot of ambiguity, then it could be done within the context of currently planned robotic missions. 


Of course, this is all blowing smoke, since it's unlikely that we'll be landing humans on anything any time soon.  

David S. F. Portree

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Subject: [FPSPACE] Habitable for microbes, Larry

Hi all - 

I wonder why manned Mars enthusiasts do not seem to understand that every time there's a report like the one Larry alerted us to, the hazard of back contamination grows?

Larry, perhaps you'd like to share with us your views on the severity of the back contamination problem, and your estimates as to the costs involved in clearing it as a threat before manned Mars flight can take place?

I am assuming that most of the rest of you here are familiar with Marse Piat, and the solutions proposed for that mission design.

E.P. Grondine
Man and Impact in the Americas

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