[FPSPACE] "Russians Landed on Moon Before Americans" Telegraph article

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And note this related item from the article: 
Sir Bernard Lovell claims Russians tried to kill him with radiation
Sir Bernard Lovell, the veteran British scientist behind Joddrell Bank telescope has disclosed how the Russians once tried to kill him with radiation for tracking the Sputnik satellite. 


Published: 7:00AM BST 22 May 2009

Sir Bernard led the construction of the Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope which launched in 1959 and tracked the USSR's Sputnik satellite - the first in the world. 

In a TV interview Sir Bernard confirmed that the Jodrell Bank was then used as the first "early warning device" of a Soviet nuclear attack. 

And he says that put him in the front line - and the Russian military used radiation to try to kill him during a visit behind the Iron Curtain in 1963. 


Sir Bernard has never spoken before about the attempt on his life but says he has written a detailed account which will not be published until after his death. 


Sir Bernard said: "I think I should have been prevented from going to to the Soviet Union because they obviously knew we had been used as a defence centre. 


"They tried to remove from my memory the fact that they had taken me to their own defence nucleus on the Black Sea coast, because they did not want news of what they had brought back to this country. 


"I was jolly glad to see the lights of London on one return journey." 


Full article here:





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> http://www.telegraph.co.uk/scienceandtechnology/science/space/5737854/Russian-spacecraft-landed-on-moon-hours-before-Americans.html
> is an article headlined "Russian spacecraft landed on moon hours before 
> Americans" with the sub-headline "A previously unheard recording of a Russian 
> spacecraft attempting to beat NASA's Apollo 11 in 1969's race to the moon has 
> been released." It's about Luna 15, and has very little that's new (only the 
> release of a recording from Jodrell Bank monitoring the Luna 15 crash (NOT 
> landing!) on the moon.
> In addition to the errors in the headline (the article itself makes it clear 
> that Luna 15 hit the moon after, not before the Eagle landed), the article 
> repeats the error that the Soviet craft was trying to beat the Americans back 
> to Earth with a soil sample. If the landing had been successful, the Luna 15 
> return craft would have reached Earth AFTER the Apollo 11 astronauts' return.
> I certainly hope all the hype surrounding the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 
> 11 landing doesn't result in a huge mis-remembering of history imprinting 
> itself in the memories of mankind.
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