[FPSPACE] "Russians Landed on Moon Before Americans" Telegraph article

Chris Jones clj at panix.com
Sun Jul 5 11:57:22 EDT 2009

is an article headlined "Russian spacecraft landed on moon hours before 
Americans" with the sub-headline "A previously unheard recording of a Russian 
spacecraft attempting to beat NASA's Apollo 11 in 1969's race to the moon has 
been released."  It's about Luna 15, and has very little that's new (only the 
release of a recording from Jodrell Bank monitoring the Luna 15 crash (NOT 
landing!) on the moon.

In addition to the errors in the headline (the article itself makes it clear 
that Luna 15 hit the moon after, not before the Eagle landed), the article 
repeats the error that the Soviet craft was trying to beat the Americans back 
to Earth with a soil sample.  If the landing had been successful, the Luna 15 
return craft would have reached Earth AFTER the Apollo 11 astronauts' return.

I certainly hope all the hype surrounding the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 
11 landing doesn't result in a huge mis-remembering of history imprinting 
itself in the memories of mankind.

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