[FPSPACE] Will China be able to afford its manned space program?

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Finally, through the heat shield hatches. While they work, and have  been 
demonstrated to work,  for some reason I don't feel comfortable with  them, 
although they solve the front loading/abort requirements very well. A  deeper 
question is the use of folding wings, as they reduce recovery operation  costs 
significantly when compared with capsules. Klipr or  capsule?

Yeah, Chelomei got that a lot. But in reality, this hatch actually works  
best during maximum reentry forces. I trust this hatch more than the side  or top 
As for folding wings ... any flight mechanic of the F-111D at Cannon AFB in  
New Mexico can tell you, "That's two more things that can go terribly  wrong". 
However, I would love to see how Chelomei approached this problem with  his 
LKS design. But, that's for another book.
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