[FPSPACE] Will China be able to afford its manned space program?

E.P. Grondine epgrondine at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 30 13:47:00 EST 2008

Hi - 

The answer is YES.

Given the amount of speculation I've heard comparing China's economy with that of the 
Soviet Union, and speculating on a collapse of a dual market (military/civilian) system. 
I thought I'd pass on this little piece. It's one of the best statements on their economic
plans that I've seen.


I really like the picture of Hu at Knossos. The "Minoan" military forces were destroyed in 
the Joshua impact event around 1585 BCE, and thus LMIb.

Other topics - Apollo 8 in the news! As always copies of Volumes 1-4 of my History of Cosmonautics are available free to fpspacers by writing to me for them. 

None of you have written me yet for copies of my new work "Amazing Stories". Given that
History of Cosmonuatics  was written  in the mid - nineties, I suppose that you'll get around to
"Amazing Stories" about 2025.

Finally, through the heat shield hatches. While they work, and have been demonstrated to work,  for some reason I don't feel comfortable with them, although they solve the front loading/abort requirements very well. A deeper question is the use of folding wings, as they reduce recovery operation costs significantly when compared with capsules. Klipr or capsule?

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