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To echo Jim Oberg, slightly, with a twist.


I have an article, just published, on new materials (and some not new)
dealing with the circumlunar race.


Here is the bibliographic citation.


Pesavento P.  "Battle for the Moon: The untold story of the circumlunar
race."  Griffith Observer 72 (12):1-18, 2008.



I was limited by the word count, so not all new materials could be included.


But I can tell you that a lot of material has been released just this year,
in regards to the US Navy engagement in the meticulous tracking of Soviet
ship movements.  They carefully monitored where each and every Soviet
vessel-surface and submersible--was.  There are documents from the US State
Dept. (yes, in hand) that talk to the significance of the Soviet ship
movements, and where they were in December 1968.The most significant point
is that the space activity was in a quite different area in regards to the
Indian Ocean than for nominal Vostok/Voskhod operations (west Indian ocean
versus south Indian ocean).  And we even know exactly where the Soviet ships
went on station, and held their positions (as in Meridian).  For December


One document explicitly states (December 5, 1968) that:


"In terms of ship days most of the Soviet naval activity has been related to
space recovery operations.  Soviet requirements for space support activity
in the area have been reflected in Soviet diplomatic activity for more than
two years; they were part of the Soviet motives in moving to open
negotiations on the Outer Space Treaty.  These requirements will probably be
even more important to the Soviets as they move toward more ambitious manned
space ventures [emphasis added], and space support alone will require
additional Soviet naval activity in the Indian Ocean."



Yes, that quotation is from an up-coming publication, currently in


Much more is coming on this, and other events.  



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