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Thought this might be of interest to a few FPSpacers....

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Dear Mr. Rickman,


The National Air and Space Museum Archive reference desk forwarded your question about the Merkur spacecraft to me for response.  In fact, we had originally mislabeled the spacecraft following a mistranslation of the original documentation on the shipping forms that accompanied the spacecraft to auction in 1993.  The current label reads: 


This Transportnyi Korabl’ Snabzheniia, TKS (Transport Supply Spacecraft) spacecraft was launched as part of an experimental military space station module, Kosmos 1443, in March 1983.  The complex docked with the Salyut 7 space station, and the TKS returned five months later.


            The spacecraft is fitted with seats for three cosmonauts, but it never had a crew.  It was intended to ferry cosmonauts, supplies, and equipment into orbit, but the TKS and military space station programs were terminated in favor of another program.

Lent by The Perot Foundation


Unfortunately, The Perot Foundation did not receive any additional inf
ormation on the spacecraft at the time of the purchase.  The Smithsonian has the object on loan from the foundation.   




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