[FPSPACE] Maintaining the United States' leadership role in space

Kosmos327 at aol.com Kosmos327 at aol.com
Thu Nov 20 13:27:25 EST 2008

Go with Direct for the big unmanned programs and then...
As far fetched as this may sound, I would like to see something really bold  
and out of the box, such as joining with Russia and Europe in the creation  of 
the next reusable spacecraft. There are some great designs floating around,  
but no one single nation seems to have the capital needed to bring these 
designs  to life. 
Put an international team together to "meld" these designs until we have an  
International reusable piloted spacecraft capable of easy modifications to  
accommodate Lunar and Martian flights (a "Chelomei" style Return Vehicle with  
heat-shield hatch access to larger station has always been the best design,  
David L. Rickman
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