[FPSPACE] Maintaining the United States' leadership role in space

E.P. Grondine epgrondine at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 20 11:56:48 EST 2008


I think that Obama should keep the shuttle flying, drop Ares 1, and go with Direct, 
which is the better shuttle derived launch vehicle, and preserves and utilizes the United States 
space capabilities better than Ares 1. 

Europe has Ariane 5 and Ariane 4,   China will have CZ5 and CZ2h, 
Russia (if they manage it right) will have Angara and the much improved Soyuz.
Direct and the EELVs would give the US parallel capabilities, but better.
You don't solve other problems by trashing your aerospace manufacturing sector.

Is it trued that Direct option is faster, better, and cheaper?I'd like to hear your opinions 
on this, and I'd like to thank those of you who worked on the Direct option.

E.P. Grondine
Man and Impact in the Americas

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