[FPSPACE] Last-minute Russian appeal to NASA to monitor So yuz pre-entry TM

James Oberg jeoberg at comcast.net
Wed Nov 12 16:31:04 EST 2008

Maybe they did have a mobile station, but discovered late in the preparation
that it wasn't working... Still, a number of questions come to mind.

1. How much did NASA spend to provide this service to the Russian Space 

2. What connection did this event have to the concerns over Soyuz module 

3. Has anything like this ever been requested by Russia before?

4. What parameters were needed to be recorded?

5. How long in advance did the Russians know these parameters needed to be 
recorded, and will they
want to do it again next landing?

6. Were any representatives of the Russian Space Agency present during any 
of the NASA activities
in Athens?

7. If as NASA wrote, "the downlink frequency (VHF) is not usually used for 
space telemetry," what
was the frequency? How is it used otherwise by the Russians, if not for 
space telemetry?


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I guess the Russians do not have a mobile station. But the receiving station 
need not have been very expensive, but big space organizations probably 
could spend a fortune on simple stuff.

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