[FPSPACE] China's Fietan EVA suit on exhibit

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The garble factor is even higher due to translation issues, and to the close
but not identical designs of the Russian and Chinese suit. At least one
Chinese article about the Feitian suit used an illustration of the Orlan
suit (the most striking difference is the absence of the helmet-top 'moon 
window, but there are also noticeable chest-mounted display/control

Question -- anybody seen good photographs of the Feitian gloves?

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> This post 
> (http://www.chinese-funs.com/technology/exhibit-on-spacecraft-shenzhou-vii-held-in-beijing.html)
> describes a Beijing exhibition of Shenzhou VII-related items,
> including a Feitian EVA suit, a Sokol-like IVA suit (does it have a
> Chinese name?), a model of the whole spacecraft, and the actual
> Shenzhou VII re-entry capsule.
> Just idly wondering how long until the Feitian suit on exhibit becomes
> "the Feitian suit worn on Shenzhou VIII".  Aviation Week & Space
> Technology (Oct. 13, 2008, p. 18) appears to cite "Chinese managers"
> for the statement that, "[e]xcept for their gloves, the crew's Chinese
> and Russian space suits used during the nation's first extravehicular
> activity remain on board the Shenzhou 7 orbital module because they
> were too heavy for return in the descent module."  This was
> undoubtedly true of the Yastreb suits worn during the Soyuz 5-to-Soyuz
> 4 EVA transfer in 1969, but that has not stopped at least one touring
> exhibit (and some museums, if I recall correctly) from claiming that
> their suit was an actual flown suit from that mission.
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