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Wed Nov 5 12:00:14 EST 2008

Hi and Hello - 

NASA has done similar projects with schools, sending out space irradiated seeds
for students to grow. I don't think random mutation is very effective in terms of modern 
genetic techniques, but the young students enjoyed it.

I think of this in terms of CNSA outreach to small farmers, 
and some of the tourist resort's visitors will certainly enjoy visiting
the display. 

But in my opinion the important effects of China's space effort
for farmers will be in weather sats, earth resource observation: 
water, croplands measurement, crop health monitoring, etc., 
and finally in long range weather forecasts. 
If you're farming, it really helps to know what the weather is going to be. 

Also, China's com sats will serve rural areas, and already do.
This is and will be probably the most significantly appreciated aspect of their program 
by rural residents, in my opinion.

E.P. Grondine
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