[FPSPACE] Space weapons: Something else the next President will have on his desk

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Hi and Hello - 

Once again, Yuri Zaitsev gets the story:


Now that's a really nice scoop, and by clarifying the past it will make future discussions easier. I don't think partially informed hysterical arm waving serves as good a purpose as clear speech.

This time, instead of two negotiating groups, there are going to be three groups, or possible four, depending on the EU response. And plenty of observors, including Japan, India, and others from the "middle east".

Personally, this military stuff has never held any fascination for me, and has always been incidental, though that's not true of many here. I was never fascinated  by Polyus, and that was an easy call, Jim,  but the fate of the manned lunar program with Energia was.  

You may have noted my recent lack of comment on the Navy downing of the recon failed sat. That wasn't because of my stroke, and inability to type. And yes, I watched the PR, and the roles of some of you here in it as well.

We face a lot of problems on this planet, and these military expenditures divert resources from dealing with them.

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