[FPSPACE] CZ5 payloads, was Construction of Wenchang space center expected to start this month

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Tue Nov 4 11:37:06 EST 2008

Hi and Hello - 

Breaking it out: 

"China decided to build a new space launch
center and a space theme park in Wenchang, Hainan Province in
September, 2007, following the approval from the State Council and the
Central Military Commission."

That tells us who made the decision, so we have to ask "What needs did they identify that made the investment worth it?"  

"It was reported that the Wenchang
space launch center will be mainly used for 
launching earth synchronous
orbit satellites, 
[comsats, both large and small dish, possibly handheld phones and smaller devices as well?]
[weather, or do some weather sats go elsewhere?]
massive polar orbit satellites,  
[recon and earth resources. some weather here?
large piezo-electric detection earthquake warning sats?]
large-tonnage space
[fuel transfer]
deep-space detection satellites. 
[and there's the really interesting one, in my view. the wording is "detection", not "exploration". Any of you crack analysts care to guess what exactly it is that China intends to use these satellites to detect?]

Note that support of manned Moon [CAPS, maybe 3 He]  is not listed, as that decision will likely be made in 2017, after the "deep space detection satellites" are operational. Note that the word is "detection", not "observation", like Hubble and Webb.

I have to disagree with C.P. on a manned lunar fly-by, even though it could be done with the 2H.  CE3 could provide all the testing of lunar re-entry systems that might be necessary, but then who knows?

Secondly, note carefully that Mars [including manned Mars] plays absolutely no role in Chinese space planning. My thinking is that that is because China was in turmoil while the fantasies of an Earth-like Mars were being propagated in the last century. Many space enthusiasts in the West have trouble understanding that because they were raised in that environment. Phobos-Grunt examines Phobos, which is either a captured asteroid or impact debris from Mars which condensed in orbit, and continues China's ties with Russia.

The "theme park" reflects both rising incomes and national pride and interest in the space program.

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