[FPSPACE] Construction of Wenchang space center expected to start this month

Allen Thomson thomsona at flash.net
Tue Nov 4 09:40:24 EST 2008


Construction of launch center for new-generation carrier rockets expected to start
15:51, November 04, 2008

The acquisition of land for China's (Wenchang) launch center project for new-generation carrier rockets has been essentially completed. Construction is expected to start this month and it will be put into used before 2014, according to the information from the "China's (Wenchang) Launch Center Project for the New-generation Carrier Rockets and Local Economic Development Summit Forum," held on November 3.


It was reported that the Wenchang space launch center will be mainly used for launching earth synchronous orbit satellites, massive polar orbit satellites, large-tonnage space stations, deep-space detection satellites.

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