[FPSPACE] Can Cassini be Used to Detect Life on Enceladus?

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Mon Nov 3 22:13:23 EST 2008

November 3, 2008

Can Cassini be Used to Detect Life on Enceladus?

Written by Ian O'Neill

Having just returned the most detailed images yet of Saturn's 500km-wide 
moon Enceladus, it is little wonder scientists are excited about this 
mysterious natural satellite. However, in new research recently published, 
the results aren't related to the recent "skeet shot" Cassini carried out 
above the moon's south pole (although there is some common ground). The 
paper's origins started out in July 2005 when Enceladus' plume of gas 
(containing organic compounds) was discovered fizzing from the moon's 
surface, inside the "tiger stripes" just imaged by Cassini.

In some computer models, this plume is attributed to a sub-surface ocean. 
This possibility has led scientists to speculate that it might be an ideal 
environment for basic forms of life to thrive. What's more, although the 
Cassini spacecraft isn't equipped to directly search for life, it may be 
able to detect the signature of life…

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