[FPSPACE] I see no ships...................Where are the cruisers ?? :O)

John Locker john at satcom.freeserve.co.uk
Sun Nov 2 15:21:38 EST 2008



A huge piece of space junk discarded from the space station in 2007 will 
drop through the atmosphere some time today (Sunday). The Early Ammonia 
Servicer, otherwise known as the EAS, was detached from the orbiting outpost 
as its services were no longer required. The double-refrigerator-sized piece 
of equipment weighs 635 kg (1400 lb) and is filled with toxic ammonia.
Although NASA believes most of its mass will disintegrate during re-entry, 
there's a real chance of up to 15 pieces of the EAS reaching the ground, the 
largest piece could weigh up to 17.5 kg (40 lb).
But here's the funny thing, as the EAS is currently skirting along the 
outermost reaches of the atmosphere, we are uncertain as to when, or where, 
the re-entry will take place. NASA and U.S. Space Surveillance Network 
scientists have done well to narrow the re-entry window down to one day. 
Fortunately, 66% of the planet is covered in water, so we should be fine. 
But should any parts of the EAS find solid ground, NASA has warned that we 
shouldn't approach any suspicious-looking (and probably steaming) bits of 
meteorite in case the EAS still has some ammonia on board.


So as we all don our tin helmets and wait for the crash , I just wondered 
where the cruisers are , armed with their Aegis missiles ????
Ammonia is after all a jolly toxic substance .
But then I suppose a second hand refrigerator isn't exactly highly 
classified , it is however a toxic ice cube :O)

( I'll swap my genuine calcified giants thumb for a piece of EAS debris ! )


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