[FPSPACE] Soviet underwater EVA training preceding Star CityHydrolab?

Mark Wade astronautix at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 03:43:45 EST 2008

In Kamanin's diaries we find that the Star City Hydrolab was part of
the 1970-1975 five-year-plan - but evidently not completed until 1980
due to budget problems. I can find no mention of any water training
for Voskhod, Soyuz 1/2 or 4/5 or 6/7/8 or 10/11, although zero-G
training on the Tu-104 and vacuum tests in the TBK-60 for these
missions is discussed extensively:

1970-11-17: The simulators for Soyuz, L3, DOS, and Almaz are all now
in full use for crew training. Kamanin discusses with engineers
construction of a pool for EVA training (25 m wide and 12 m deep).
Kutakahov is opposed to the project. Chelomei has been ordered to
accelerate the first Almaz launch to 1972, if he can resist the
continuous attacks by Mishin. Mishin has become very accomplished, on
the N1/L3 program, in spending huge amounts of money with no result.

1970-11-18: Chelomei is assisting Kamanin in securing funds for the
water basin for zero-G training, further simulators, etc.

1970-12-09 Kamanin reviews 1970. It has been a good year. The Soviet
Union set a duration record with the Soyuz 9 flight, Luna-16 and
Lunokhod-1 conducted successful robot missions to the moon, dozens of
Kosmos satellites were successfully launched. In the next year
cosmonaut training will concentrate on DOS-7K, Almaz, and Soyuz 7KT.
The five-year plan for the centre includes construction of 5000 square
metres of new laboratories, improved simulators, completion of a water
tank for EVA training, and installation of the IF-20 centrifuge.
However all of this will cost 11 million roubles, and only 2 to 3
million are likely to be allocated...

Hope this helps.

Mark Wade
Encyclopedia Astronautica
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