[FPSPACE] pressconference in Starcity

LARRY KLAES ljk4 at msn.com
Tue Apr 22 10:59:08 EDT 2008

Why was a cargo carrier named after one of the pioneering greats of
science fiction?  Couldn't Jules Verne be used for a much more "noble"
space mission?

For the same reason I would oppose the name Da Vinci on anything less
than a manned planetary or interstellar mission.


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>Interesting comments. I suspect you meant to say the Jules Verne (ATV-1) 
>ship, correct? However, da Vinci is probably a great name idea for ATV-2 :)
>Anatoly Zak
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>Subject: [FPSPACE] pressconference in Starcity
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> > fire .
> > The Korean told interesting things like doing experiments in the
> > Leonardo da Vinciship.She was thankfull to ESA in letting her use
> > this
> > ship.
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