[FPSPACE] International Space Day

Edwin Cameron nodin at sbcglobal.net
Fri Apr 11 19:39:48 EDT 2008

Jakob and all,
  It has now started, the anniversary of Yuri A. Gagarin's historic flight.  I was born on this day, and celebrated the flight along with my 15th Birthday.  If the date is correct on this email then you will see that the flignt was not on 12 April for me, but 11 April in California, my home.  So I always remember that man's first orbital venture was 11 April 1961.  This is just one of many things that were part of my destiny -- my given names are those of the first two on the Moon --  my email address has been "N Odin" since 1992 -- I became part of the Moon Race, not by choice, but by chance -- and, there are many more things that shaped my career and interests in space.  Thank you, Cosmonaut Yuri A. Gagarin! 
  I wish a happy International Space Day to all!

  Edwin Neal  "N-1" Cameron
  Honorary Cosmonaut "N Odin"  (Baikonur, 28 July 1992)

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