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First one is a Cassini-Huygens book and linked conferences, second is the Science magazine special issue on MRO:


Dear All, 

With the endorsement
of the Cassini Project we have embarked upon an effort to organize two symposia
and produce 2 books which will capture the overall efforts of the
Cassini-Huygens mission to the Saturn-Titan system. These books will be
published by Springer-Verlag in the second half of 2009. One of the symposia
linked to the “Titan after Cassini-Huygens” book will be held in Corpus Christi, Texas
in June 2008; and the other linked to the “Saturn after
Cassini-Huygens” book will be held at Imperial College London between
28th July – 1st August 2008. 

The primary purpose of the Imperial College
symposium will be to exchange ideas which will culminate in the publication of
the Springer-Verlag book on the Saturn system. Authors for all of the chapters
are in place and attendance of up to 400 international scientists are expected
at the meeting. The format will include invited talks on the various chapters
and poster sessions with summary plenary reporting for introducing new ideas
and material which will be incorporated into the final text. The meeting will
conclude with presentations and discussions regarding the status of future
plans by ESA and NASA to return to the Saturn system for further exploration.
Press conferences and public lectures linked to the results being presented
will take place during the week. Further details can be found at   www.saturnaftercassini.org

Best regards




Prof. Michele K. Dougherty

Space and
Atmospheric Physics

College London

SW7 2AZ, United Kingdom

44-207-594-7757    Fax. 44-207-594-7772

Email: m.dougherty at imperial.ac.uk

page: http://www.sp.ph.ic.ac.uk/~mkd


Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter: Introduction to special issue

 Water, Water, Not Everywhere?
	Joanne Baker

p. 1705

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter: Reports

 A Closer Look at Water-Related Geologic Activity on Mars
S. McEwen, C. J. Hansen, W. A. Delamere, E. M. Eliason, K. E.
Herkenhoff, L. Keszthelyi, V. C. Gulick, R. L. Kirk, M. T. Mellon, J.
A. Grant, N. Thomas, C. M. Weitz, S. W. Squyres, N. T. Bridges, S. L.
Murchie, F. Seelos, K. Seelos, C. H. Okubo, M. P. Milazzo, L. L.
Tornabene, W. L. Jaeger, S. Byrne, P. S. Russell, J. L. Griffes, S.
Martínez-Alonso, A. Davatzes, F. C. Chuang, B. J. Thomson, K. E.
Fishbaugh, C. M. Dundas, K. J. Kolb, M. E. Banks, and J. J. Wray 
p. 1706

Athabasca Valles, Mars: A Lava-Draped Channel System
	W. L. Jaeger, L. P. Keszthelyi, A. S. McEwen, C. M. Dundas, and P. S. Russell
p. 1709

Meter-Scale Morphology of the North Polar Region of Mars
	K. E. Herkenhoff, S. Byrne, P. S. Russell, K. E. Fishbaugh, and A. S. McEwen
p. 1711

Accumulation and Erosion of Mars' South Polar Layered Deposits
Seu, Roger J. Phillips, Giovanni Alberti, Daniela Biccari, Francesco
Bonaventura, Marco Bortone, Diego Calabrese, Bruce A. Campbell, Marco
Cartacci, Lynn M. Carter, Claudio Catallo, Anna Croce, Renato Croci,
Marco Cutigni, Antonio Di Placido, Salvatore Dinardo, Costanzo
Federico, Enrico Flamini, Franco Fois, Alessandro Frigeri, Oreste Fuga,
Emanuele Giacomoni, Yonggyu Gim, Mauro Guelfi, John W. Holt, Wlodek
Kofman, Carlton J. Leuschen, Lucia Marinangeli, Paolo Marras, Arturo
Masdea, Stefania Mattei, Riccardo Mecozzi, Sarah M. Milkovich, Antonio
Morlupi, Jérémie Mouginot, Roberto Orosei, Claudio Papa, Tobia Paternò,
Paolo Persi del Marmo, Elena Pettinelli, Giulia Pica, Giovanni Picardi,
Jeffrey J. Plaut, Marco Provenziani, Nathaniel E. Putzig, Federica
Russo, Ali Safaeinili, Giuseppe Salzillo, Maria Rosaria Santovito,
Suzanne E. Smrekar, Barbara Tattarletti, and Danilo Vicari 
p. 1715

Density of Mars' South Polar Layered Deposits
T. Zuber, Roger J. Phillips, Jeffrey C. Andrews-Hanna, Sami W. Asmar,
Alexander S. Konopliv, Frank G. Lemoine, Jeffrey J. Plaut, David E.
Smith, and Suzanne E. Smrekar 
p. 1718


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